List of licensing and contract documents
on the basis of which the activities of the enterprise are provided

  • Certificate of state registration of a legal entity – private enterprise “Ozernoye-Zhitomir Airlines” №464071
  • The statute of the private enterprise “Ozernoye-Zhytomyr Airlines” (new version) of July 18, 2016.
  • Certificate of Aerodrome Registration №АР 05-02 (operator of the private enterprise “Ozernoye-Zhitomir Airlines” of  Septeber 6, 2010).
  • Agreement №12/10 on cooperation between the Air Force Command of Ukraine and the private enterprise “Ozernoye-Zhitomir Airline” dated 02.04.2010.
  • Agreement №183/632 on the joint use of the Ozernoe aerodrome from 13.09.2010 with additional agreements.
  • The certificate of compliance of the aerodrome Ozernoe № АП 05-02 with the annexes.
  • Certificate № 067 of the aviation security service.
  • Certificate of compliance of search, firefighting and rescue services №ZTR-СПАРЗП-285-03 .
  • Certificate of compliance of the aviation fuel supply service for aviation transportation and works №ZTR-CKO-322-03.
  • Certificate of Conformity of Cargo Maintenance Service №ZTR-СКО-285-03
  • Certificate of Conformity of the Provision of Air Navigation Services with Annexes АА № 018758.
  • Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise № 05.03.02-04/5509
  • Extract from the register of temporary storage warehouses № S/0498/V/00 от 21.01.2014 г.
  • Ordinance №342-р of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 20.05.2013 “On the opening of the border crossing point at the Ozernoe aerodrome (Zhitomir).
  • Decision on the establishment of the customs control zone №10100/0186 of 07.02.2014 (Zhytomyr Customs of the Ministry of Revenue)
  • Technological scheme of passing persons, means of transport and cargo across the state border of persons, vehicles and cargoes at the checkpoint across the state border for the Ozernoye air communication (Zhitomir), the order of the head of the Zhitomir border detachment dated 20.03.2014 registered in the State Administration of the Zhytomyr region on 10.04.2014.
  • Letter – notification of the GFS of Zhytomyr from 20.01.2015 on the introduction from 19.01.2015 of the territory adjacent to the temporary storage facility (B) of the private enterprise “Ozernoye-Zhytomyr Airlines” to the List of delivery places, code 101-015-1-1.