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Complex of services for processing in the customs regime of export and import cargo, their packaging and delivery throughout the world
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Customs clearance of goods of all categories and documentation

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Cargo transportation service; the possibility to take large aircraft of the type AN-225 “MRIYA”

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Loading and unloading works; responsible storage services and cargo insurance

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Office: Ukraine, Zhitomir, ul. Pushkinskaya 25, PO Box 10008
Aerodrome: Ukraine, Zhytomyr region, Ozernoye village

PE "Airline Ozernoe - Zhitomir"

Private enterprise "Airline Ozernoe - Zhitomir" was founded in 2010. An important event for the civil aviation of Ukraine was the launch of a promising project by the enterprise Ozernoe aerodrome (Zhitomir).

After reconstruction and organizational work, the facility is fully operational.

Ozernoe aerodrome (Zhitomir) is located 10 km from the city of Zhitomir. Convenient geographical location, as well as a rather advantageous location relative to the roads by road and rail, passing 25 km north of the airfield of the international air route connecting Western Europe and Asia will ensure the development of the national air transport system, expand the sector of Ukraine in the world freight market , as well as significantly increase the volume of freight in general.

The existing conditions of the private enterprise "Ozernoye-Zhytomyr Airlines" allow the provision of domestic and international cargo air transportation, flights of national and foreign airlines, air navigation services and meteorological services. There is an opportunity to provide storage and handling services at storage , aviation fuel refueling services, cargo transportation services - customs clearance of goods, as well as many other services:

  • filling fuel, special liquids and gases
  • power supply to the aircraft
  • transport to the aircraft
  • aviation security;
  • provision of aircraft parking under 24-hour security
  • fire protection
  • emergency rescue
  • meteorological support
  • cargo handling and handling
  • drinking water delivery

The company "Ozernoye-Zhitomir Airlines" operates services that have the appropriate certificates:

  • aerodrome support
  • aviation Security;
  • search, rescue and fire prevention;
  • aeronautical (flight information, radio engineering, meteorological) services
  • provision of cargo services
  • aviation fuel supply of air transportation and works

On the territory of the state of emergency "Airline Ozernoe - Zhitomir" are located:

  • platform for bulky goods
  • platform for vehicles
  • car weighing platform, ramp;
  • specialized storage sites
  • modern system of video surveillance of the territory and storage space
  • indoor fire alarm system
  • automated cargo accounting system
  • special equipment for mechanized handling of goods
  • cargo security control point.
Ozernoe aerodrome (Zhitomir) is international and is included in the English-language edition of "AIR of Ukraine".



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