Warehouse of temporary storage (WTS)


In the customs control zone, the terminal has a temporary storage warehouse (WTS) (registration number S / 0498 / V / 01)

  • Services of responsible storage of goods on WTS allow storing various categories of general cargo for up to 90 days with the possibility of subsequent return to the customer.
  • WTS services include loading and unloading of general cargo and animals.

Private enterprise “Ozernoye-Zhitomir Airline” does not handle dangerous goods, special cargo (quickly spoiled, large-sized, valuable) and container flights.

Main services of WTS:

  • customs clearance;
  • transportation, loading, unloading, reloading, as well as other cargo operations required for customs clearance;
  • the formulation of client documentation;
  • authentication of documents;
  • declaring of goods.

Characteristics of the warehouse:

  • area – 491.7 square meters.
  • width – 14.9 square meters.
  • length – 33 square meters.
  • ceiling height – 5,1 square meters.
  • altitude at the highest point – 7.24 m