Drones – as part of the airport security system

A modern security officer is a flying drone.

Drones became unusually popular as “air” security and brought to a new level the concept of security. Unmanned aerial vehicles are successfully used to protect objects, territories and people, as well as to identify and timely suppress illegal activities. The hard-working dron has a lot of advantages – he does not solve crosswords, he does not get tired, he does not get distracted, he does not sleep in the workplace. Sentry drone is always on duty and works equally efficiently at any time of day. Do you doubt that UAVs can replace outdated security systems? “Dronarium” offers you the following information for consideration.

guard drones

For several years unmanned aerial vehicles have been successfully monitoring and protecting strategically important facilities, mineral deposits, industrial facilities, transmission lines, etc. The Dronarium team is confident that this is only the beginning, and soon the UAV will seriously push the rest of the players in the security systems market. There is nothing surprising. The main advantage of UAVs is the speed of response and the ability to fully control even such hard-to-reach places as roofs of high-rise buildings. The sentry drone can perform routine work on patrolling the protected perimeter and routinely “fly around” territories, transferring photo and video information to operators who use it to analyze the situation and make decisions. Aerial survey and other information received from quadrocopters, helps the security service to timely prevent illegal actions. Pre-programmed drone to follow a certain route, you can achieve almost completely autonomous flight mode. UAVs are equally effective both during the day and at night. Due to its infra-red “vision”, an intelligent copter will detect the intruder even in the dark and immediately transfer video and photo to the operator.

Drones can rise in the air and in case of unauthorized entry into the territory, after the alarm has been triggered, to conduct aerial photography over the guarded territory and transmit information to the security guard in real time. Modern UAVs receive a clear image of persons and machine numbers even from a great height. The system of automatic tracking of the object allows you to keep an unobtrusive observation of the intruder, regardless of whether it is in a static position, moves on foot or by car.

It is economically advantageous to use UAVs for patrolling extended areas. To control an extensive protected area, dozens of kilometers per car are required to pass daily, and small drones will do this work in a matter of minutes, which will significantly reduce staff, save time and money.

Source: Dronarium